Get Actionable Machine Health Insights, Instantly.

Wireless, contactless, and compact. VocalZoom’s Autonomous Industrial Sensors are the smartest and most versatile way to monitor machine health for industry 4.0.

Quick Installation, Minimal Maintenance

The Autonomous Industrial Sensor can be installed on hot, wet, or glass surfaces, even while the machine is still in use. Connect to Wi-Fi automatically and let the small, flexible form factor get to work.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Unlike traditional accelerometers, the patented measurement technologies used in VocalZoom Autonomous Industrial Sensors are capable of measuring fractional vibration frequencies all the way down to 0Hz.

Built-In Customization

Built-in data edge processing can be configured for a wide range of applications, providing the accurate, actionable insights you need. A customizable dashboard monitors system health and real-time values, either on-premise or via cloud software. You can even choose how to get notifications — SMS, email, and buzzer alerts are all available.  

Lower costs short-term, reduce maintenance long-term

The Autonomous Industrial Sensor is an affordable option with lower start-up costs than our competitors. By monitoring machine health and performing predictive maintenance as directed, Industrial Internet of Things businesses can cut down on expensive, catastrophic repairs and lengthy downtime.

Groundbreaking contactless laser sensor technology

VocalZoom’s patented sensor technology delivers the most accurate predictive maintenance at the lowest total cost.

VZ Sensor
  • One sensor for measuring velocity, distance and vibration with superior accuracy.
  • Immune to ambient and environmental noise
  • Built-in data processing calculates RPM, thickness, vibration anomalies, existence, height, rotation, homogeneity, weight, and flow 
  • Intuitive operating system with remote sensor management
  • Powered by Ucontrol’s Internet of Things platform

Get Actionable IIoT Insights, Instantly.

Ready to get started? Industrial IoT professionals can contact us directly to learn more about how to leverage VocalZoom’s Autonomous Industrial Sensors to achieve their goals.