Enabling A New Generation of Human-to-Machine Communication

Voice is the user interface of choice.  It can facilitate communication, control and commands, be used for authentication, and even enable the detection of feelings and moods.  In all of these applications, it enables the use of natural language, in a seamless and frictionless way.

Voice is the most convenient way to control today’s digital world, but none of today’s solutions work in noisy environments.  Even with the best noise reduction algorithms, acoustic microphones can’t isolate and identify one voice from among others. Instead, we must go beyond simple human-to-machine interface (HMI) to the next-generation of secure human-to-machine communication (HMC).

VocalZoom’s HMCHuman-to-Machine Communication sensors deliver this capability so that machines can correctly respond to and obey the one person that is authorized to give them instructions. They help create a new user experience (UX), delivered through accurate and authenticated voice control.  VocalZoom sensors are ready for system design-in across three primary applications.

Headsets & Wearables

VocalZoom’s sensors enable better-performing, more power-efficient and streamlined headsets and wearable devices.

Access Control & Smart Home

VocalZoom’s multifunction HMCHuman-to-Machine Communication sensors deliver the most convenient form of access control and smart home communication.

Automotive Control

VocalZoom makes it possible to achieve truly “No-Hands” and distraction-free voice control inside the connected automobile.