VocalZoom, a supplier of human-to-machine communication (HMC) optical sensors, has completed the final stage of design work with iFLYTEK, the supplier of China’s most popular speech recognition platform.  iFLYTEK is preparing to launch a headset by year’s end featuring the VocalZoom HMC solution, which has shown that it can deliver near-perfect speech recognition in noisy voice-control environments.

“Game-changing early test results for the VocalZoom sensor performance have only improved as we now prepare to launch our first product based on this truly innovative HMC solution,” said Haikun Wang, senior researcher at iFLYTEK, in a statement. “Our upcoming headset featuring the VocalZoom sensor will redefine ASR performance in its product class and open up new applications in noisy environments where voice control products previously didn’t work. We also have entered the development stage with VocalZoom on another product for voice control in the connected car using a forthcoming longer-range version of their sensor.”

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